Ingrown toenails treatment

Ingrown toenails are one of the most common conditions treated at Folkestone Podiatry Practice. Often a patient will tolerate a troublesome nail for years, attempting to treat it and cut it back themselves. If you are tired of this constant affliction then we are able to help you. We often treat children at the clinic for surgery, generally over the age of 8.

We offer an all-inclusive, competitively priced package for toe nail removal. You may only need a partial removal of the nail or, after consultation, you may decide to have the nail completely removed. After the initial consultation, the surgery and two follow-up appointments are included in the package.

We will aim to provide you with the surgery within one to two weeks from your initial consultation. The procedure is quick with no incisions to the surrounding delicate skin. A small amount of anaesthetic will be applied to your toe and once the nail is removed a chemical, called phenol, is applied to the nail bed to prevent re-growth of the problematic portion of nail.

We allow an hour for the complete procedure. This helps you to feel at ease and comfortable with the surgery, and enables the podiatrists to complete any necessary paper work with you.

We ask that someone accompany you on the day of surgery. You are advised not to drive for up to two hours after the anaesthetic. It may invalidate your car insurance if you do not heed this advice.

You must also bring some sandals or flip-flops with you, as you will have a large bandage on your toe when leaving the clinic. Normal footwear will not be able to accommodate this.