Where to find us

Folkestone Podiatry Practice is situated on the corner of Earls Avenue and faces out to the busy Sandgate Road. Our address is

Folkestone Podiatry Practice,
11A Earls Avenue,
CT20 2HW

There is a bus stop outside the clinic and parking is available on our forecourt.

Please be aware that there are 3 steps down to the clinic, the entrance of which faces the Sandgate road.

Folkestone Podiatry practice is situated on the corner of Earls Avenue and faces out to the busy Sandgate Road.

The Folkestone Podiatry Team

All of our team are HCPC registered Podiatrist/Chiropodists and are members of The College of Podiatry

Natasha Kerrigan.

Natasha Kerrigan
BSc (Hons.) Pod., MChS

Natasha qualified from the Leaf Hospital - Brighton University in 2002 with an honours degree in Podiatry. She has 12 years experience working for the NHS as a specialist Diabetes Podiatrist, focusing primarily on Diabetes education and wound care.

Natasha keeps updated on new developments in podiatry by attending conferences and relevant courses in her area of interest.

Michelle Tough.

Michelle Tough
BSc (Hons.) Pod., MChS

Michelle studied medical laboratory sciences, specialising in microbiology, before deciding upon a career in podiatry.

Qualifying with an honours degree from the University of Brighton in 2003, Michelle has had extensive experience within the NHS as a Specialist Podiatrist and a has particular interest in wound care and Dermatology of the lower limb.

Nicola Condie.

Nicola Condie
BSc (Hons.) Pod., MChS

Biomechanics Consultant

Nicola brings over 15 years experience in the field of Biomechanics, concentrating on problems that affect symmetry and mechanical function of the lower limbs and feet. She has strong contacts within the NHS, this has enabled her to encompass technological developments in the area of gait analysis.

Nicola qualified with a first class honors degree in Podiatry from the Leaf Hospital which is now part of Brighton University.